About Us

~ Welcome To Mimi Creation ~

Our Mission: 

To help you beautify the spaces in your home where you and your love ones gather, and make you proud to welcome others into your spaces!


How it all began.....

Growing up there was always support to be as creative as possible. Raised by my mother and grandmother ( who were seamstress, interior decorators and visionaries beyond their time) my sister and I were encouraged to find our own talents, passions and paths. For 20 years, I worked in the medical field and my sister Melissa  (aka Mimi) kept encouraging me to follow my passion to create unique décor for people's homes. After I retired, I wanted to do something that not only inspired me, but made a difference. My sister passed away in 2020, and Mimi Creation was born in her honor. 

Each piece is hand crafted and designed by me with the love and inspiration my sister gave me. 

Along the way on this journey, I have found the creativity and passion I had forgotten I had. I hope you all love each piece as much as I loved making them. 

Jamie Koch, Owner